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When it comes to criminal law, it’s vital to have an attorney on your side that is confident about the case at hand. For clients in Liberty, MO, The Roffmann Law Office, led by attorney Andrew Roffmann, is undoubtedly the best choice no matter the situation. We promise outstanding service and total commitment to your traffic law case, doing our best to deliver the most favorable outcome possible.

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Traffic Law

An extremely common portion of criminal law is traffic law. We’ve seen and heard it all before, which means we know exactly how to handle any traffic law case thrown our way. From fighting a DUI or DWI charge to speeding tickets and driving under suspension charges, we understand the ins and outs of court and will make sure to fight for the favorable outcome you deserve. Our services extend to both state and municipal charges, as well as juvenile cases, but we do not handle federal cases. When you choose to work with The Roffmann Law Office for all traffic law cases, you can rest assured that you're in the best possible hands.


Being charged with a felony is a terrifying experience, and one that will jeopardize your entire future. If you've been arrested in connection to a felony case, make sure to reach out to our experienced criminal lawyer. Our legal team has handled cases ranging from assault and battery to felony drug possession and more.  


From jail time to outrageously high fines,misdemeanors can lead to financial burden, stress, and even unemployment. Trusting The Roffmann Law Office as your legal counsel will ensure minimum sentencing, allowing you to move on with your life. Choose only the best when it comes to criminal law attorneys and ensure your lifestyle is well protected.

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Increase your chance for the best outcome possible by hiring the best criminal law attorney in the region. Allow us to ease your concerns and answer questions with confidence to show you the possible scenarios we can create. Call The Roffmann Law Office today to schedule a consultation and receive expert criminal defense.