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Divorce Attorney in Liberty, MO

Setting ourselves apart from lawyers across Liberty, MO, The Roffmann Law Office proudly offers expert mediation services. Hiring an attorney to oversee a mediation ensures the best outcome for all involved parties. Consulting with a professional before or during a meeting that involves making agreements and settlements is vital to keeping the peace and allowing both sides a satisfactory solution.

A divorce attorney completing a case in Liberty, MO

What is Mediation?

During mediation, there are typically two sides involved in a dispute of some sort and a neutral third party to conduct conversations and agreements. An example is after a divorce, when, rather than taking it to court, a mediation occurs where parties can negotiate on better terms and make agreements without the judge deciding the entire outcome. Acting as a mediator, our attorney will find reasonable solutions for any situation.

Why Choose Mediation?

Mediation is a good choice for nearly any case. Going to trial is typically much more expensive and drawn out, causing financial and emotional distress. The Roffmann Law Office will make the process smoother and less stressful without court, litigation, or the need for documentation in public records. The work we do can be kept as private as you desire. Mediation comes with many misconceptions, but in the end, it benefits both parties equally. If an agreement is not met, it’s not too late to go to trial, making this a win-win no matter what.

Trust The Roffmann Law Office Team

The Roffmann Law Office has a fantastic team that’s always prepared to communicate with clients to keep them updated and confident in their case. We will handle your mediation case in a timely manner and make all agreements legally binding on your behalf. Give us a call now for more information or to schedule a consultation.